Landing Field Savoy in Chamonix

Forbidden in the winter

GPS: N 45° 55’42” E 006° 51’65”

Altitude: 1 050 m.

Registered with the FFVL.

Access: by car from Chamonix look for the roundabout showing signs for Le Brevent after 500m turn right going in the direction of Praz / Argentiere, after another 500 m the landing is on your left opposite the hotel Sapiniere and the Residence du Savoy.

Facilities: limited car parking, Windsocks and tell tales.

Special difficulties: the landing  field is enclosed and surrounded by buildings. It is fairly large, but pilots should be extremely cautious, as there is generally a valley breeze and you are generally  flying in the lee with cosiderable thermic activity causing gustiness. This field can be very busy with tandem flights.

It is generally best to make a "U" approach especially once the valley wind starts to increase. Pilots not able to make a "U' approach may be better considering landing at Bois du Bouchet (5 mins walk away). Unexpectedly strong sink / wind frequently result in unwary pilots landing short in a very unwelcoming zone around the Hotel Sapiniere.

Pilots ability: autonomous to XC pilots depending upon the time of day.

Landing field: for Plan Praz, and Flegere.

This field is currently forbidden by mayoral order for mini wings due to the unforgiving obstacles around the field & the very busy tandem activity.

Special Rules: completely forbidden in winter when it is used as a ski piste. Ask for information from the local schools, and professionals as well as checking on the notice boards. 

Flying conditions: best in the morning before the valley breeze has got going.