Sector Rules in the Massif du Mont-Blanc.

The “LF-R30 A and LF-R30 B Mont-Blanc” regulated areas were created and brought into force on March 22, 2001 by Ministerial Order. They impose a mandatory bypass for ultralight gliders (PUL). Paragliders and deltas must not enter this area unless they are 1000 m above ground level and above FL 115 (3500 m).
This area protects helicopter operations on mountain rescue missions.

Rules for Flying in the Chamonix Valley

Permanent No Go Zone LF R 30 A
• DZ helicopters of the Woods.
• Arveyron Hotel
• Exit from the Montenvers tunnel.
• Hotel du Montenvers.
• Chalet du Chapeau.
• Gare des Tines.
• Track to Arveyron Hotel


Temporary no-go zone July and August. LF zone R 30 B.
• Bionnassay summit.
• Crest line from the top of the Bionnassay needle to the bottom tip of Tricot.
• From the lower tip of Tricot to the collar of Mont-Lachat.
• From Mont-Lachat Pass to Petit Béchard.
• From Petit Béchard to Lac des Gaillands.
• Railway line from Gaillands Lake to Tines Station.
• From Tines Station to Chapeau Lodge
• From the Hat Cabin to the Drus.
• From the Drus to the Aiguille des Grands-Montets.
• From the Grands-Montets needle to the Passon needle.
• The ridge connecting the Passon summit to the Chardonnet summit
• The Franco-Swiss ridge between the Chardonnet needle and Mont Dolent.
• The Franco-Italian ridge between Mont Dolent and the Aiguille de Bionnassay.