Launch Site Les Dômes de Miage Massif du Mont Blanc

The Mont Blanc range is particularly well suited to the combination of mountaineering & paragliding Para-Alpinism (Paralpinisme).
Beware; this discipline is very demanding. Before being able to fly from the summit of a high altitude mountain you have to climb to the summit, to be able to climb to the summit you have to be an experienced mountaineer or alpinist. you have to be patient for both mountaineering & flying conditions to be correct before setting out.


Flight conditions:
The possible take off areas at the summit are reduced because of the natural reserve on the summit ridge. Take off is only permitted on the North facing side.
• Take Off 1: “Le Col des Domes”_; a relatively “safe” take off if there is a Northerly breeze. The slope becomes very steep, very quickly.
• Take off 2: “Le 3e Dome” (The third dome), on the summit of the narrow ridge. Take off in the direction of St-Gervais. Launching further along the ridge is forbidden.

Dangers / Difficulties: the take offs are steep and vertiginous. Once in the air, the flight is contrastingly straightforward.

Ability: experienced paralpiniste.

Landing site: all the landing fields of the Montjoie valley. The greatest vertical descent is to the Passy-Marlioz site. Well appreciated for its simple aerology.

Specific rules: the presence of the Contamines Montjoie Natural Reserve considerably constrains this flight – in particular by limiting launching beyond the third dome. Over flying of the Reserve is forbidden below 300m above ground level. The site is a high altitude site that can be  own in July & August as it is outside of the forbidden zone.

Launch Site Dômes de Miage

• Direction: North / North West
• Altitude: 3 600m
• Vertical drop: 3 000m
• Access: Glacial mountain route, difficulty: peu difficile (low difficulty). Consult a mountain guide for details.